4月29日(金·祝)はNorthport Mallにお越しください!

4月29日(金·祝)はNorthport Mallにお越しください!

ショッピングがてら、是非Northport Mallにお越しください。

【場所】Northport Mall (ノースポート・モール)
【会場】2F センターコート







purpose of the event- Yoshi Hagiwara

The purpose of this event is of course increasing the number of players. I would love to see a match filled with happy girls on the field wearing matching uniform. At the moment, we can only afford a mixed team. And that’s OK. We get great fitness out of it and what a experience for the current girls.

But it’s time to step up a notch.

Thanks to AJF, I now have a greater motivation to lead the girls to a better and brighter footy experience. I promised myself in 2019 that I will take my team to an international level. Our summit is to play in International Cup and my dream is to see one of my players set a foot in the AFLW club.

At the event, everyone will have a different goals and motivation. But we share a same dream, that is to play for Mirais. So we are going put on an event-face on and find some young talented girls!

If you want to us in action, please find us at North Port Mall, Yokohama.
We can guarantee you that our smiles under the mask will be unforgettable.


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